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COBRA 1.9 

Invitation to contribute to COBRA Flash Fiction


We are inviting short fictional stories in response to the COBRA meetings held over recent events with refugees attempting to enter Britain via Calais, and now the larger crisis unfolding in Europe.


The UK government's emergency committee COBRA convened its first meeting on 25th June and has held subsequent meetings throughout July and August chaired by numerous senior politicians. In response, COBRA RES are inviting experimental fiction in the form of 'Flash Fiction' short stories.


Taking inspiration from the striking of ferry workers, the attempt by people in Calais to enter the UK 'illegally' and Operation Stack on the M20 in Kent and now the situation faced by refugees at Europe's border, we invite writers to explore the notion of 'fiction(s)' in its broadest possible sense.


As with all previous COBRA RES projects we aim to offer new perspectives of the emergency, and the response to it, by looking at the event from a myriad of different angles, via media portrayal  government action, public opinion  following the spreading concentric circles from the epicentre as they fragment and settle in new configurations. 


We encourage you to experiment with narrative, form and content. 


Deadline:        5pm September 30th 2015

Word count:   500 - 1500 words

Text:                 Single spaced, 12pt font, Times Roman

Format:           Proof-read print-ready Word document. (The publication of stories will take the form of a pulp-fiction style printed   

                          book with free download.)


We are unable to offer any fee but each contributor will receive two copies of the printed book. We are currently self funding this project and any sales go directly into covering costs of book printing, with any profit going to Calaid a charity supporting refugees in Calais.


Flash Fiction


Flash fiction is a form of short story writing with, in this case, a word count no higher than 1500 words. The stories can take any form, with possible re-workings of classic genres such as: Crime, fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Fable, Detective, Romance, Dystopian, Biographical, Science Fiction, New Weird or any other style you wish to explore. 




COBRA RES is a five year project that aims to creatively respond each and every time the UK government's emergency response committee COBRA convene. 


For more information or to view our previous responses please visit or contact Theo Price


'Government requires make believe. Make believe that king is divine, make believe that he can do no wrong or make believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Make believe that the people have a voice or make believe that the representatives of the people are the people. Make believe that governors are the servants of the people. Make believe that all men are equal or make believe that they are not’


Edmund S. Morgan, Inventing the People: The Rise of the Popular Sovereignty in England and America

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