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COBRA RES offers a mirror up to the official COBRA as a way of producing different information, new perspectives and alternative narratives, while existing in a mimetic relationship to the emergency Committee itself and the situation it is responding to.





COBRA RES aims to re-frame the response from an aesthetic perspective, while operating as an active- archive that follows, traces and maps the constantly changing tide of emergency politics. COBRA RES is a collective of artists and writers who aim to ask critical questions of COBRA through a series of creative responses. Reflecting and mimicking the structure of the COBRA Committee, the artists, writers and filmmakers are chosen for their relevance to the given context of the COBRA meeting.

The artists and writers are given a short period of time from the initial COBRA meeting in which to respond to either COBRA or the context it is meeting under. For the process to work, it is important that pressure is applied to the artists and writers so as prevent too much consideration, with limited facts available, in an attempt to re-create a parallel action of response. 

COBRA RES have met on the following occasions since January 2013:



COBRA 1.0                   Our first response was an exhibition after                                                    COBRA had met when hostages had been                                                    held in the Tiguentourine gas plant in Algeria.



COBRA 1.1                   The second response was a book of artistic                                                  and written responses to the COBRA meeting                                               following the killing of soldier Lee Rigby                                                       in Woolwich, south London.



COBRA 1.2                   Responding to the situation in Nairobi shop-                                                ping centre, secret postal responses were                                                    submitted to COBRA RES by a selection of                                                    artists. This work will not be viewed or                                                          opened until the final COBRA RES exhibition                                                in 2018.



COBRA 1.3                   DVD of artist films with accompanying book of                                            texts, which responded to the extensive                                                        flooding to hit large parts of the United                                                        Kingdom.



                  COBRA 1.4               COBRA 1.5               COBRA 1.6                                                                      




        All three events happened within one week of each other,                       prompting COBRA RES to combine all three responses into one

        set of three reappropriated card games and a booklet of text-                 based responses to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight

        MH17 in Ukraine, the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and the

        advance of Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.




COBRA 1.7                   In response to the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo                                        Magazine and a Jewish supermarket in Paris,                                              COBRA RES invited artists to submit artworks to

                                       form an exhibition and publication.





COBRA RES will continue responding to COBRA over the next three years until 2018.

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