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Nicolash Haudorf

Dereke Gerogry

Noldan Bliker

Ian Boal

Nina Power

Philip Howe

Samuel Stevens

Theodore Price

Christopher Collier

Jenny Richards, Nicolas Hausdorf

John Jordan                                                         Isabelle Fremeaux

Stephen Connolly

Richard Barbrook

Roland Bleiker

David Campbell,                                                Emma Hutchinson,

Strategic Optimism Football Club.



Steve Bell

Samual Stevens

Barry Murphy

Jenny Richards

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler

Alsion Ballard

Paul Antick

Oliver Ressler

Stepehn Forrest

Nikita Kadan

David Birkin

Theodore Price

Alexander Gollere


Hugh Jordan

Chie Konishi

Nima Esmailpour


Nicolas Hausdorf

Frida Go

Adam Ferguson,                         Richard Wilson

Robert Malt

Adam Chodzko

Stephen Connolly                                Margaret Dickinson

John Jordan                                          Stina Wirfelt 

Rose Butler,

Nabli Ahmed

Daniel Shanken

Oliver Bancroft,

James Connelly

Stevie Deas

Wonderland Collective

Michael Sanders

The British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall three times, over three separate events, within three weeks in July and August 2014. 


18th July 2014: shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. (Chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron)


30th July 2014: continued outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. (Chaired by newly appointed Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond)


8TH August 2014: IS forcing thousands to flee their homes and take refuge on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. (Chaired by newly appointed Defence Secretary Michel Fallon)


Examining the inter-play of emergency politics, COBRA RES has issued a set of emergency card games and an accompanying book of theoretical texts. The games invite the reader to become player by moving towards an active ‘participation’ within the grand narrative of each separate emergency episode.


Cards by:        COBRA RES and H+Corp


Texts by:         Richard Barbrook, Roland Bleiker, David Campbell,                                                         Derek Gregory, Nicolas Hausdorf, Emma Hutchinson,

                          Theodore Price and Strategic Optimism Football Club.







Chapter 2*****SUBMISSION NOW CLOSED***** – DVD and Book will be launched with screening mid March 2014.We would like to invite you to contribute to COBRA 1.3 that will respond, and reflect, on the recent emergency meetings in Westminster by producing a DVD and book of artists’ moving image works and texts.The British Governments emergency response committee COBRA first met on the 6th December due to the ensuing storms and tidal surges.In response to this meeting at Westminster our organisation, COBRA: A Critical Response invited a first round of artists to respond in writing or with a piece of moving image, to either the subject of the meeting i.e the winter storms , or the existence of the COBRA committee itself.So far responses include works by Nina Power, Chris Collier, Margaret Dickinson, Allison Ballard, Steven Connelly, Samuel Stevens, Nicolas Hausdorf ( H+Corp) and John Jordan among others. These will be compiled in a DVD of artists moving image, with an accompanying book that will be launched with film screening, in London in mid-late February, 2014. The DVD and book is being produced by COBRA: A Critical Response and will be published by Pamphleteer Films.As the storms and tidal surges continued over the last month, creating a much greater and extended impact, the COBRA committee have met on numerous occasions, most recently reconvening in Westminster on Saturday 11th January 2014.For this reason we would like to include you in a second round of artistic responses to this event to recognise the extended nature of the emergency and subsequent COBRA meetings.We would therefore like to invite you to contribute to this project by contributing a film or video work of between 1 minute and 9 minutes long by the 7th February, 2014.This may be an existing work you feel is well suited or a new work produced as a specific response. Any form will be accepted such as fiction, archival, documentary, performance documentation, animation, phone video, etc. This may be submitted via a digital format to or as a hard copy (please contact for postal address).COBRA: A Critical Response is a five-year project investigating the relationship, and use, of aesthetics and performative means for political power within emergency politics.For more information please email cobra.res@gamil.comMany thanks,Theo PriceProject CuratorChapter 1On 5th and 6th December 2013 Owen Paterson, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs chaired a meeting of the British Governments emergency response committee COBRA over the increased risk to coastal areas due to climatic changes and a storm surges effecting parts of the United Kingdom.Nine filmmakers have been asked to respond through moving image based media, to either the COBRA committee, the context in which they have met or emergency politics in genral. These nine responses will be compiled into a DVD with accompanying booklet. The booklet will contain essays and articles by selected writers on the topics above as well as the nature and relationship between moving image and politics.In January 2014 there will be a screening and launch event. For more information please join our mailing list or follow us on twitter.Details:5th December 2013David Cameron ‏@David_Cameron5 Dec 2:10 am 5.12.13‘I’ve asked Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to chair a COBRA this morning on the storm disruption – ensuring everything is being done.’On 6th December Defra UK @DefraGovUK 7:31am 6.12.13‘Defra Secretary of State Owen Paterson will be chairing another COBRA meeting this morning on flooding #floodaware‘


The British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall on the 6th December 2013 in response to the threat of a large storm and increased risk of tidal surges. Over the next three months COBRA would meet over thirty times, chaired by a number of different politicians.


This publication and DVD, bring together the film and text based responses.


Artists:              Adam Chodzko, Stephen Connolly, Alison Ballard,                                                           Margaret Dickinson, John Jordan, Theodore Price,                                                           Stina Wirfelt, Samuel Stevens, Rose Butler,

                            Nabli Ahmed, Daniel Shanken, Oliver Bancroft,

                            James Connelly, Stevie Deas, Wonderland Collective


Writers:              Nina Power ( Lead Essay) Christopher Collier,

                              Jenny Richards, Nicolas Hausdorf, John Jordan,                                                                 Isabelle Fremeaux, Theodore Price, Samuel Stevens,                                                       Stephen Connolly.


Edited by Theodore Price and Samuel Stevens


The British Governments emergency response Committee COBRA met on the 22nd and 23rd September 2013. It seems that they have held three meetings in recent days in response to the ‘Kenya stand off’ (BBC) at the Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. This comes exactly four months, to the day, since their last meeting in May.We are asking for submissions of creative or written responses to this recent series of meetings in relation to COBRA and/or the situation in Kenya that it is responding to.Once received, all work submitted will be individually vacuum-packed and stored in the COBRA archive for the next four years until the final COBRA exhibition in January 2018. At the opening of the exhibition, the packages containing the work will be opened live in public and hung along side all past COBRA submissions from 1.0 – 5.?SUBMITTING WORKPlease fill out and enclose the COBRA 1.2 Submission Form (see form attached). These forms will be hung alongside the work to provide title, name etc. (email address will be deleted when exhibited)All forms of works will be accepted but should your submission require any extra technical equipment, such as DVD, audio, plinth etc, please write this on the outside of the package so we can prepare this for you in advance.Deadline EXTENDED – FRIDAY 18th OCTOBER 2013.Submissions should be sent to:COBRA 1.2Unit 412372 Old StreetLondonEC1V 9LTUnited KingdomAlternatively, if you are attending the COBRA 1.1 book launch at Mayday Rooms on Fleet Street on the 3rd October, you can also submit your work at this event. (Please make sure the work is well packaged and sealed.)COBRA 1.2 is an open-submission, please forward onto those who you think may be interested


The British Governments emergency response Committee COBRA met on the 22nd and 23rd September 2013 to respond to hostages being held in Westgate Shopping Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.


COBRA held three meetings in response to the ‘Kenya stand-off’ (BBC). This came exactly four months, to the day, since their last meeting in May.


The creative responses submitted via post, remain unopened. The parcels and letters have been stored in the COBRA archive until the final COBRA exhibition in January 2018. At the opening of the exhibition, the packages containing the work will be opened live in public and hung along side all past COBRA submissions.



COBRA met on 22nd and 23rd May 2013 in response to the killing of the solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.The first COBRA meeting on 22nd May was chaired by the Home secretary Theresa May.The 23rd May committee meeting was chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron.In attendance at the 23rd May meeting were:The Prime Minister, David CameronThe home secretary, Theresa May.The defence secretary, Philip Hammond.The mayor of London, Boris Johnson.The commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Bernard Hogan-Howe.The Met’s assistant commissioner, Cressida Dick.Minister for faith and communities, Lady Warsi.The communities secretary, Eric Pickles.“Intelligence agencies.”COBRA are creating a response in the form of a publication.In the spirit of response, a group of selected artists, writers and designers have been given nine days in which to creatively respond. Once the responses have been collated there will be a making-public of our response in the form of a physical publication and an online PDF version available for download.


The British governments emergency response committee COBRA met on  22nd and 23rd May 2013 in response to the killing of the solider Lee Rigby in Woolwich, South London.


COBRA RES invited a collection of artists and writers to respond. This book is a collection of those visual and text based responses.


Artists:             Steve Bell, Hugh Jordan, Kennardphillipps, 

                          Nima Esmailpour, Nicolas Hausdorf, &                                                                              Alex Goller ( H+Corp), Frida Go, Chie Konishi

                          Samuel Stevens,  Theodore Price, Adam Ferguson,                                                        Jenny Richards, Richard Wilson, Robert Malt


Writers:            Iain Boal (foreword), Nicolas Hausdorf,

                           Theodore Price, Philip Howe, Samuel Stevens


Edited by Theodore Price


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