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COBRA 1.7 exhibtion to be used as a departure point for a discussion on aesthetics and emergency politics in Tokyo, Japan, to be held at CAMP - Discussions in Contemporary Culture, Tokyo. This is the first stage in a larger collaboration with Chie Konishi, with a plan to produce a bilingual publication.






23rd March 2015


緊急事態に対するレスポンスを考える|「COBRA RES」についての意見交//////////<プレゼンター>(「COBRA RES」キュレーター、アーティスト) ※Skypeでの参加<キースピーカー>川田淳(アーティスト)河村賢(社会学/テロリズム研究)清原悠(社会学/社会運動論)菅谷奈緒(アーティスト)藤井光(アーティスト)<モデレーター>小西智恵(アーティスト)===



Exhibtion Opening

12th March 2015



71a Gallery








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The Art Newspaper 


'Wanted: cool head in a crisis - The COBRA RES project calls on artists to document national  emergencies - and requires a rapid response'


by Iain Miller


18th June 2014



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COBRA RES 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6

Launch event  6-9pm 11th December 2014.


The British Government’s emergency response committee COBRA convened in Whitehall three times, over three separate events, within three weeks in July and August 2014. 


18th July 2014 in response to the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine. (Chaired by Prime Minister David Cameron)


30th July 2014 in response to the continued outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. (Chaired by newly appointed Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond)


8TH August 2014 in response to IS forcing thousands to flee their homes and take refuge on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. ( Chaired by newly appointed Defence Secretary Michel Fallon)


Examining the inter-play of emergency politics, COBRA RES has issued a set of emergency card games and an accompanying book of theoretical texts. The games invite the reader to become player by moving towards an active ‘participation’ within the grand narrative of each separate emergency episode.


Cards by:        COBRA RES and H+Corp


Texts by:         Richard Barbrook, Roland Bleiker,

                          David Campbell, Derek Gregory,

                          Nicolas Hausdorf, Emma Hutchinson,

                         Theodore Price and

                         The Strategic Optimism Football Club.






COBRA RES at Sheffield Fringe


Emergency Aesthetics: Documenting the COBRA committee


Theodore Price and Samuel Stevens will be giving a presentation outlining the relationship between aesthetics and emergency politics at this years Sheffield Fringe Festival. They will be presenting a selection of films from COBRA 1.3 alongside art

works and text from previous responses.


Time: 8pm


Date: Saturday 7th June 2014



Bloc Gallery,

71 Eyre Lane




LUX: Artists' Moving Image Agency


We are pleased to announce that LUX will distribute COBRA 1.3 DVD+ BOOK.

Institute of Contemporary Art Book shop london will be now stocking the COBRA RES 1.1 Book. 


Film Screening and DVD + BOOK launch



Time: 7pm


Date: Thursday 27th March 2014



Birkbeck Cinema,

43 Gordon Square,






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Article in The Guardian Newspaper


Art in an Emergency: Why e set up the second COBRA committee'


Date: 3rd October 2013


Written by Theodore Price

COBRA 1.1 BOOK launch


++Plus pre-launch walking tour of radical printing in Fleet street++


Time: 6.45pm - 8pm


Date: Thursday 3rd October 2013




Mayday Rooms,

88 Fleet St,





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COBRA 1.0 Exhibition


Date: Monday 4th March 2013


Time: 6-9pm - Private View



Gallery Studio 1.1,

57 Red Church Street,



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